Masterblow Blower dryer (flow rate 91 L / s)

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Masterblow Dryer pulser (flow rate 91 L/s)


The Masterblow Blower Dryer represents the evolution in dog grooming, offering an improved experience thanks to its quieter operation, increased expulsion speed and extended lifespan. By combining the functionality of a conventional expeller and a dryer, it offers exceptional versatility for grooming professionals.


Featuring a speed control providing up to 68 m/s (equivalent to a flow rate of 192.5 CFM or 91 l/s), this dryer also offers a heating option, with a temperature range of up to 60ºC. Its design includes a long, extendable hose from 90 to 200 cm, with the possibility of further extending the length with a connection tip.

Technical information

The Masterblow Blower Dryer has a maximum consumption of 2,200 W and a minimum of 600 W. It comes with two different tips to meet various grooming needs. Guaranteed professional Ibáñez, this dryer comes with a one-year warranty to ensure total user satisfaction.

Additional Questions and Answers

Q: What are the distinguishing features of this model compared to others on the market?
A: The Masterblow Blower Dryer stands out for its versatility, allowing both blowing fast without heat and efficient drying with heating, providing precise control over the grooming process.

Q: How do I mount this dryer on a wall?
A: The WALL MASTER BLOW model is designed for easy wall mounting, with a bracket included for quick and secure installation . Detailed instructions are provided to ensure hassle-free installation.

Q: What are the safety considerations when using this dryer?
A: It is essential to follow the safety instructions provided, especially in avoiding contact with water, unplugging the appliance when not in use and keeping the cable away from hot surfaces. Additionally, regular filter cleaning is crucial to maintaining optimal dryer performance and avoiding any potential damage.

5 signs that may encourage you to use the Masterblow Dryer Pulser:

  1. You are looking for a versatile dryer that offers both heatless blowing and heating drying options.
  2. You need reliable professional equipment with a speed controller for precise airflow control.
  3. You want to invest in a robust dryer, designed for intensive use and offering a one-year professional warranty.
  4. You enjoy the convenience of different mounting options, whether on a wall mount with the WALL MASTER BLOW model or on a floor mount with the PRO MASTER BLOW model.
  5. You value safety when grooming your pets, and are looking for a dryer with safety features such as a heat resistance switch and clear instructions for safe use.

By choosing the Masterblow Blower Dryer, you are opting for professional quality grooming equipment, offering superior performance and great versatility to meet all your dog grooming needs.