Easidri Cooling Coat for dog

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This cooling coat for dogs, with unique technology (does not wet the dog) is the most effective solution on the market: quickly and durably cools the dog for 4 hours . Is your dog hot? You need it!

Cooling dog coat


Make your dog gain 7 ° C for 4 hours with this coat!

How does this revolutionary dog ​​coat work?

Great value! Super refreshing! Super Absorbent! Without wetting your dog, the unique cellular structure of this coat slowly releases the emasinated cold, r chilling so your dog for hours .
Ideal in hot weather to keep your dog cool . Reusable and machine washable , it is delivered in a practical storage case . It is strong and durable and resists at tearing and shredding . Easy to install with its adjustable straps.

Site bestseller, our customers love refreshing dog coat which 'they use a lot for walks, but also for their puppies, older dogs or even pregnant females.

Do you do dog shows? Haven't you noticed those blue coats that you see everywhere in summer? Considered the most advanced method of cooling, these coats help your dog beat the heat without getting wet! Ideal for preserving your brushing, even on the most demanding breeds in terms of grooming. No frizz, you can present your dog in its best condition. By keeping it cool, it will have a much more playful behavior than the other competitors who have been panting for hours

What we liked:

☑ Its formidable efficiency
☑ Ease of use
☑ Do not wet the dog
☑ Its lightness

Use, maintenance and conservation

First wet the cooling dog coat in cool water, then wring it out. Its highly technological, super-absorbent fabric keeps you cool for several hours, for optimal efficiency from 3 to 4 hours. Repeat the operation when the coat becomes dry. Very little evaporation, almost immediate sensation of freshness, does not wet the coat because the humidity remains in the heart of the coat.

It is important to keep the coat Easidri in its airtight bag.

Machine washable at 30 ° C.

Size guide

The choice of sizes for the refreshing dog coat will depend on the length of the back as well as the thoracic perimeter (see image) . When in doubt, choose a back length that is slightly shorter than that of your pet. On the other hand, it is important to check the circumference of the rib cage because the hook-and-loop closure must be easy for optimal comfort of use.

XS Max back length = 31 cm / Max chest circumference = 52 cm

XS WIDE Large chest Max back length = 31 cm / Max chest circumference = 62 cm

S Max back length = 44 cm / Max chest circumference = 62 cm < / p>

M Max back length = 52 cm / Max chest circumference = 86 cm

M WIDE Large chest Max back length = 52 cm / Max chest circumference = 100 cm

L ​​• Max back length = 63 cm / Max chest circumference = 100 cm

XL Max back length = 79 cm / Max chest circumference = 117 cm

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