Premium Dog Coat "Pilot"

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Quality Dog Coat

Dog coat with extra soft fleece. The fleece with which it is made is particularly soft and pleasant. It is also remarkable for its lightness, your dog will not notice that it is carried. When the cold comes, we like to snuggle up under a warm, soft blanket. Our dogs need the same and with this coat you can enjoy that feeling. It covers the tail at the neck and part of the forelegs. Very easy to place. Just enter the two front legs through the corresponding holes and close the zipper that runs along the back. It can be adjusted both on the neck with an elastic, and on the waist with a drawstring. HOW TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIZE 1. Measure the back of the dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. 2. Find the measurement in the table and choose the size below that it would match. 3. Measure around the chest and make sure the size you have selected from the table is correct. Wash cold in the washing machine. Back * Thorax Contour * 25 cm Max 44 cm 30 cm Max 50 cm 35 cm Max 50 cm 40 cm Max 60 cm 45 cm Max 60 cm 55 cm Max 80 cm 60 cm Max 80 cm 65 cm Max 84 cm 70 cm Max 86 cm 75 cm 92 cm max. * Approximate measurements LAST UNITS