Safe Breathe Comfort Jacket Red

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Breathe Comfort Raincoat

Waterproof dog cape made with BREATHE-COMFORT technology.

BREATHE-COMFORT is a high-tech fabric produced under special procedures in order to obtain both high moisture and wind permeability and a pleasant and soft touch, very comfortable to wear.

BREATHE-CONFORT not only allows perfect perspiration and prevents rain and the wind to penetrate, but it also manages to maintain the natural body temperature during outdoor activities. No matter the extreme temperatures, BREATHE-COMFORT will retain its qualities of comfort from -20˚ to 45˚ wherever you go.

This coat features several reflective bands and seams for added safety during low-temperature walks. visibility.

The outer fabric is made of a type of polyester that is particularly resistant to tears and stains.

The interior of the coat has a special quick-drying lining.

Polyfill filling.

Velcro closures on the stomach and chest for maximum ease of putting on and taking off, as well as for a perfect fit. On the back it has two rubbers for the paws, thanks to which the coat does not move sideways with the movements of the dog.

1. measure the dog's back, from the base of the neck to the root of the tail.
2. find the measurement in the table and choose the size BELOW the one you want to take.
3. measure the outline of the chest and make sure the size you have chosen from the table is correct.

Wash cold in the washing machine.

Measure the back of the dog, from the base of the neck to the root of the tail:

Back / Contour of the chest
25 cm / 30 to 48 cm
30 cm / 32 to 54 cm
35 cm / 38 to 58 cm
40 cm / 44 to 62 cm
45 cm / 44 to 66 cm
50 cm / 52 to 74 cm
55 cm / 54 to 82 cm
60 cm / 62 to 90 cm
65 cm / 66 to 96 cm
70 cm / 70 to 104 cm
75 cm / 80 to 110 cm

* Approximate measurements