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High Performance Batteries for Pet Accessories


The batteries selected by our Technical Department represent the pinnacle in performance for pet accessories. Rigorously chosen from the best manufacturers in the world, they guarantee flawless reliability and an extended lifespan for your essential devices. Whether for anti-bark collars, electric fences, or tracking devices, our batteries provide a constant and long-lasting source of energy, ensuring the comfort and safety of your pets.


Our batteries are compatible with a wide range of pet accessories, from remotes for training collars to miniature otoscopes, protective helmets, and more. They are designed to meet the specific requirements of each device, providing optimal performance for models DOGTRACE PRO, INNOTEK, PETSAFE, and others. Easy to install and replace, these batteries are essential for the proper functioning of your equipment.

Technical Information

  • Ref. UK510: 1.5V AAA (R03) for DOGTRACE PRO 1000 and 2000, Mini Otoscopio, Casco protector EVO-14 remote controls.
  • Ref. UK520: 1.5V AA (R6) for DOGTRACE series 500 to 1600 remote controls.
  • Ref. UK530: 3V (CR123P) for MINIBEEPER becada collar.
  • Ref. UK540: 6V (L1325) for Collar antiladridos INNOTEK BC50.
  • Ref. UK550: 9V (LRS6F22B) for Collar becada CONIK, Valla PRF-razas grandes.
  • Ref. UK560: 12V (L1028B) for Mando TELECONIK - Mando reproductor cantos MP3.
  • Ref. UK570: 3V (CR2) for a wide range of DOGTRACE products.
  • Ref. UK572: 3V (CR2032) for Collares PETSAFE, Antiladridos PETSAFE Ultrasonido.
  • Ref. UK575: 3V (CR2354) for specific PETSAFE devices.

Additional Questions and Answers

  • Q: Are the batteries easy to replace?
    • A: Yes, they are designed for quick and easy replacement, with no special tools required.
  • Q: How long do these batteries last?
    • A: The lifespan depends on the use of the device, but our batteries are optimized to offer the best possible performance and durability.
  • Q: Can I use these batteries with any pet collar or device?
    • A: Our batteries are compatible with many specific models mentioned in the technical information. It is advisable to check compatibility with your device.

5 signs that may encourage you to use these batteries

  1. Your device stops working or shows signs of weakness:A new high-performance battery can immediately restore functionality.
  2. You are preparing for a long hike or trip with your pet: Ensure safety and continuous monitoring with reliable batteries.
  3. You are concerned about protecting the environment: Our batteries offer a long life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  4. You have devices from different brands: Our range of batteries covers the main manufacturers and models.
  5. You are looking for an economical, long-term solution: Although the initial cost may be higher, the durability of our batteries makes the investment worthwhile.