Kw Super Groom 450 Ml

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Supergroom Kw Hydrating Mask
Hydrates, nourishes, recovers and protects.
It greatly influences hair growth.
It is not greasy. It does not turn yellow. It is not necessary to clarify it.
It is a blessing for the skin and hair of dogs and cats.

It can be used in several ways:
· As that conditioner. After shampooing, soak the coat and do not rinse.
· As a moisturizing agent between bath and bath, it prevents hairs from drying out, curling, tangling, splitting or to split. Whenever the bristles are dry, spray thoroughly. This may be enough every two or three days, but in dry or windy weather the bristles dry out much more.
· It is also worth spraying a bit before each brushing. It removes much less hair.
· Bulk. It is applied abundantly to the knot. Leave to penetrate for a few minutes and brush lightly with a flexible card. Easily facilitates the desenredo.

PREPARATION: Dilute the pasta in hot water, about to boil.
The usual mixture is one tablespoon per liter.
Increase the concentration to your taste.