Kw Lux Shampoo 1l.

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Luxe Professional Shampoo Kw
Ideal for dogs and cats of all types of coats requiring high hydration.
Thoroughly cleanse.
Hydrates, nourishes and protects.
It provides high quality nutrients.

This contributes to the heaviness of the mantle.
Spectacular finish
Color enhancing effect.
Provides great luminosity to the coat.

As with all Kw. products, Its use can be repeated as often as desired, even every day.
The Kw of shampoo. de Luxe Professional is very practical because it allows to obtain a smooth and easy to work texture, thus reducing the drying time.

Recommended as a basic shampoo for canine and feline hairdressers. It is the ideal shampoo for breeders.

Natural product with virtually no preservatives.
Shampoo concentrate Dilute 1 part of shampoo in 3 parts of water.

Optional dispenser for the 5 liter carafe.