Kw White Shampoo

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Ideal for dogs and cats with white, cream, silver, gray, fawn, golden, wheat, apricot, leather and all colors coats clear. Gives a spectacular shine. The oils in its composition decrease the appearance of static energy. Light Hydration Shampoo Brings lightness and lightness to the coat. The shampoo activator Kw light tones. It is not aggressive. It can be used as a regular shampoo in breeds such as Maltese, Bobtail, Poodle, Nordic, and any dog ​​or cat wearing a white coat or having something white in the coat. It does not change the other colors. For breeds requiring more hydration than that provided by shampoo, it is recommended to use a conditioner after rinsing. Natural product with virtually no preservatives. Concentrated shampoo Dilute 1 part shampoo in 3 parts water.