Close-cropped and short hair - compose your kit from

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BIO ENERGY PLUS, green caviar mask
BIO ENERGY PLUS, green caviar mask
SKINCARE pro, treating shampoo
SKINCARE pro, treating shampoo
AQUA DOLCE, Revitalizing and nourishing conditioner mask
AQUA DOLCE, Revitalizing and nourishing conditioner mask
BAIN PRO, gentle shampoo for all coats
BAIN PRO, gentle shampoo for all coats
BOMBASTIC - the essential serum ✨
BOMBASTIC - the essential serum ✨

Kit - Short and short hairs

We wanted to compose a kit dedicated to your short and short haired animals. They have specific needs in terms of care and hydration. We have identified them and these products allow us to focus on them for optimal performance.

Small budget? It does not matter you can select these products to start:

➢ Bio Energy

➢ Skincare Pro or Bain Pro

➢ Aqua dolce

Want extreme efficiency and total performance? We advise you to take all the products from the kit.

Products that are good for his skin, good for his hair.

Our cosmetics are natural, with unparalleled performance, and formulated with remarkable ethics!

Bio Energy will have a powerful moisturizing action. It rehydrates and restores the whole skin + fur in depth. Shine, hydration and softness will be there! The formulation of Bio Energy is enriched with marine bio-derivatives: they contain proteins and trace elements (including iodine, mucopolysaccharides, vitamins and carotenoids) with marked emollient, antioxidant, protective and antiallergic activity. / p>

Skincare Pro contains organic marine derivatives and natural active ingredients (propolis, fruit hydroxy acids and yeast extracts). Propolis has many therapeutic, bacteriostatic, bactericidal properties and has a strong antimicrobial power.

Aqua Dolce is enriched with silk and milk proteins; natural extracts of cranberry, aloe, birch, chamomile, ginseng and juniper which smooth, soften and tone with immediate effect, both on the skin and on the coat.

How to best use these products?

>> Pre-bath mask (not compulsory for each bath)

Apply to dry and dirty hair the Bio Energy diluted to 1/20 (= 3 tablespoons per liter of water). If you have Hygro Fluid and Bombastic , add a tbsp.

Leave on for 5 minutes. Then go to the NO RINSE shampoo.

>> Pre-bath mask (not compulsory for each bath)

Dilute Skincare pro shampoo (to be used primarily if the skin is sensitive, irritated or dry) at 1/10 ... or Bain pro at 1/20. Apply carefully all over the animal's skin and hair.


Repeat the operation a second time. If you have 'Hygro Fluid and Bombastic , add a tbsp.

Rinse thoroughly.

>> Conditioner Mask (mandatory for each bath)

Dilute a teaspoon of Aqua Dolce in the volume of water necessary to completely wet the animal. Apply all over the skin and hair. You can rinse, or not, as you wish.

Another possible conditioner for even more radiance: spray a mixture of water and Bombastic , leave on for 3 minutes and rinse.

Go further?

Bombastic & Hygro Fluid will be two remarkable allies:

Enriched with organic marine derivatives, Hygro fluid also uses active ingredients such as rice bran oil (powerful emollient, antioxidant and absorbs UV rays), rice seed oil. rosehip (revitalizes and protects the animal's skin) and omega 3 and omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamins and anti-aging for hair and skin).

Bombastic = Remineralizing + Antioxidant + Ultra-Moisturizing Active Ingredients + Oligo-Elements ....all associated with a catalyst allowing unique absorption in cosmetology! When bio-technology is put at the service of zoo-cosmetology ..

Bain Pro : This shampoo is ideal for gently cleaning all types of coats. It acts against fleas and improves the brilliance of natural colors.