Instant Fresh Dog Cooling Coat

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Iba Instant Fresh Vest

Iba Instant-Fresh vests activate underwater to cool your dog. They are light, cool and comfortable to use. They do not need refrigeration. With these vests, your dog will feel cool and not wet. You can check its effect by touching your skin under the vest. Check how much cooler than any other part of the body exposed to the sun or heat, between 6 and 12 degrees cooler. The moisture in the jacket evaporates very slowly and in the process absorbs your pet's body heat. The cooling effect can last between 3 and 4 hours. When almost all the water in the jacket has evaporated, it will dry out and become a little stiff. When this happens, wet it again with water and it will reactivate. Its operation is as simple as putting it under the tap, soaking it in water and then emptying it. Wash it by hand with plenty of clean water. If it is very dirty, you can machine wash it without problem, but we recommend that you do it very punctually to avoid premature aging. To keep it for long periods of time, it is recommended to let it dry completely. It covers the back and stomach and is adjusted by means of Velcro. Available in a wide variety of sizes. To choose the one that best suits your dog, measure your back (from the neck to the birth of the tail) and the outline of the thorax.

Warning, the coats go on around the neck! Remember to check that it passes, the coats are not suitable for powerful necklines such as chow chow / newfoundland, etc.

Size Chest circumference Neck
25 cm. 48 to 58 cm. 32cm. aprox.
30 cm. 46 to 64 cm. 34cm. aprox.
35cm. 50 to 68 cm. 40cm. aprox.
40 cm. 60 to 78 cm. 42cm. aprox.
45 cm. 62 to 82 cm. 44cm. aprox.
50cm. 68 to 88 cm. 48cm. aprox.
55cm. 70 to 92 cm. 50cm. aprox.
60cm. 74 to 98 cm. 56cm. aprox.
65 cm. 86 to 108 cm. 62cm. aprox.
70 cm. 90 to 116 cm. 64cm. aprox.
75 cm. 96 to 124 cm. 74cm. aprox.