Quality ++++ quality stainless steel chain necklaces

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The highest quality "SPRENGER" stainless steel chains, thinner, but more resistant than any other.
German made.

Welds with special polishing to avoid tearing the hair. < br> High load capacity.
Very soft. Magnificent. Shiny.
Always like new.

Stainless steel has great advantages over normal steel, especially in coastal areas or areas with high humidity, where the steel rusts or stains even in the store before being sold.
There are many dogs that love water, as well as groups of dogs that are in constant contact with moisture, such as hunting, police, rescue or firefighters.
Traditional steel collars become unsightly when in contact with humidity and especially when in contact with salt water. This is not the case with stainless steel, which is safer and much stronger and therefore lasts much longer.
All stainless steel products have a triangular plate with a red dot in the HS Germany logo. Also, all chains are engraved.

We help you choose the best one for your dog:
- The short link (3mm thick) is suitable for short-haired dogs.
- The medium link (3 mm. thick) is suitable for long-haired and small to medium-sized dogs.
- The long link (4 mm. thick) is suitable for dogs with long hair and large.

Depending on the type of coat and size, choose the most suitable type of chain for your dog.
Then measure your dog's neck and determine the most suitable size . Collar size includes both end rings.
Please note that these collars went over the dog's head to put them on, so consider the size of the skull.