LED illuminated dog game in a very pleasant silicone envelope

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Safety Led Ibanez Silicone-Flash
Simple and effective light to give more visibility in the dark to you and your dog.

It is a led type light in a very flexible silicone mold and resistant.

The Iba Silicone-Flash LED is made with a round silicone mold through which you can see 3 points of LED light. Attaches to collar, shoulder strap, backpack, etc. hanging it with a ribbon, also silicone, quickly and easily. Thanks to its great flexibility, it adapts to all types of necklaces, up to a maximum of 3 cm. large.

It is very useful during night walks or adverse weather conditions, especially if we let the dog loose, because we will see him at all times. We can use it even for ourselves, by hanging it on a belt or backpack.

LED lights have three different positions: fast flashing, slow flashing and steady light.

Battery included (CR2032 - 3V.) Easily interchangeable.

Includes simple instructions for using and exchanging the battery.

Water resistant (not submersible ).

Available in two colors: pink and blue.
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