Cat Tree + Integrated Scratching Post Ibá Red Agyle

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Rhombus Scraper Bourguignon
Cat house lined with soft plush and with a sisal surface to be scratched on the side.

With a cylindrical shape and a round entrance hole, this house is perfect for your cat can play, sleep and sharpen their nails on the area of ​​sisal covering them, rather than on their furniture.

Much of the exterior surface, as well as the interior and top bases are covered with a very soft and pleasant beige fabric. This fabric is paired with another modern burgundy diamond pattern.

Most cats feel the urge to scratch at materials, mostly woven or wood. For them, this is a necessity, because in addition to sharpening the nails, it is part of the process of marking the territory, which contributes to the mental and emotional health of the cat. By scratching, cats leave the smell of sweat glands that they have in the paws of their claws. This is why it is usual that, once they have marked an object, they return to the same place a few days later to reinforce their scent.

Measures: (diam.) 31 x (alt. ) 33 cm.