Scratching Scratching Post with Climbing Ramp

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Ramp And Sphere Scraper
Scratching tree for cats in natural tones. Most cats feel the urge to scratch things. With this activity, they refine their nails and, in doing so, mark a territory. Thanks to the scrapers, we can avoid scratching our furniture, curtains or sofas.

This scraper is perfect for any corner of the house given its small size. It has an oval base lined with a very soft fabric. From the base, a scraper post lined with seaweed is perfect for sharpening your nails. From this post at the base we have another scraper in the form of a semi-rigid ramp, here in sisal. The pole is surmounted by a ball, also of algae, and an elastic from which is suspended a ball of plush and feathers.

Your cat will appreciate a lot with its multiple textures and accessories.

If at any point your cat loses interest in the scraper, he will quickly get it back with a little catnip.

Measure: 45 x 33 x (alt. ) 54 cm.