Left Handed Sculpting Scissors Ibá Libreto 20 Teeth Traight 17.5cm

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Libreto. Scissor Sculpt. Left 17.5 Cm
Professional scissors for left hand sculpture with very open and slightly inclined teeth.

Ideal for casting and making a natural parade.

To always work on clean hair and all types of layers.

It is not suitable for emptying.

· Total length with support: 19 cm, without stand: 17.5 cm.
· Measure edge (from screw to tip): 9 cm.
· 20 teeth
· ADJ for better scissor fit, decorated with fitted stone blue.
· Silencer
· Supported
· With thin finger guards
· Diameter of the finger holes: 2 cm (asymmetrical)
· Diamond wire scissors, manufactured in High quality steel with a hardness ranging from 56 to 58 HRC.
· Weight: 72 g.

It is served in a nice high quality case.