Ibá Corner Hooded Cat Toilet Swing Door 56x43x40cm

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Triangular Closed Swing Door Sandbox
Triangular shaped cat toilet with folding front panel, easy to clean.

It includes a carbon filter, which captures and neutralizes bad odors, a paddle and a carrying handle integrated into the design of the roof of the cathole.

Thanks to its closed design minimizes the dispersion of grains of sand, while keeping the stay free of bad odors. The cat is intimate and feels more comfortable when going to the toilet.

The front folding panel l allows you to clean and change the sand much more comfortable.
< br> The triangular structure of this cat toilet allows it to be placed in any corner and save space.

Made of premium smooth plastic, non-toxic and UV resistant. It has a large translucent retractable door, which allows light to pass into the toilet, thus reducing the cat's feeling of being locked in.

The small legs integrated into the design of the toilet prevent its movement. < br>
Measures (approximately): 3 sides of 45cm

Available in 3 colors: blue, garnet or black, associated with an ivory cover.