Scoop scoop for cats with support

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Make cleaning your cat's litter box easier with this practical and ergonomic poop scoop. This shovel comes with a holder for easy and discreet storage near the litter box.

How big is the cat poop scoop?

The cat poop scoop measures 19 x 36 cm, providing a large enough surface area for effective use.

What materials are used to make the cat poop scoop?

The shovel base is marfil colored plastic, while the shovel itself is black plastic. These materials guarantee strength and durability with regular use.

Where can I store the cat poop scoop with its holder?

The stand supplied with the cat poop scoop can be placed near the cat's litter box or in a discreet corner of your home, depending on your preference. This ensures easy and quick storage after each use.

With this cat poop scoop, you can clean your cat's litter more quickly and efficiently while adding a touch of comfort and convenience to your daily routine.