Heiniger Saphir Style (on battery)

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Heiniger Saphir Style Blue (battery)
HEINIGER is the most prestigious and popular brand of professional mowers in the world.
Swiss made. Superior quality. Their long years of experience in manufacturing battery operated machines make them the best choice.

Professional, very powerful battery machine for grooming dogs and cats. Perfect as a main machine.
For its strength and to work without cables, it is recommended in:
- Professional grooming. Appreciated by professionals for its lightness and ease of handling.
- Show dogs. Both for the grooming at home and for the examination in the exhibition itself.
- Vets or groomers with home service. To shave a leg, put on an IV and even shave an area for surgery without having access to a cavity or performing ANY grooming work.

Powered by a removable and interchangeable battery.
Convertible into a wire machine (HE0010 cord not included).
Robust and durable.
Ergonomics and weight compensated to avoid fatigue.

- 1 speed: 2,650 rpm. < br>. Li-Ion battery
- Usage time: up to 90 minutes.
- Charging time: 45 minutes.
- Weight: 440 g
- Dimensions: 20.4 x 5 x 4.1 cm.
- Uses universal heads (Ibanez, Wahl, Moser, Andis, Oster).

- 1 Heiniger Nº10 head (1.5 mm).
- 1 battery (ref. HE0005) or 2 batteries (ref. HE0031).
- Double charging station: possibility of simultaneously charging the machine battery + an additional battery (not included in ref. HE0005).
- Rigid case.
- Cleaning brush and oil.

Professional warranty 1 year.