Glen Bath Electric PVC Bathtub (electric feet)

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Glenbath PVC Electric Bath (with electric feet)


The Glenbath PVC Electric Bathtub is an innovative solution designed for dog and feline grooming salons, offering comfort and health at the same time. Its main advantage lies in its ability to adjust the height, thus preventing fatigue and back strain among groomers. We recommend this tub for grooming salon installations at the best value on the market.


This bathtub allows height adjustment for each animal, ensuring optimal posture for the groomer at all times. Its installation is simple and recommended with access on all four sides, which reduces the need to turn the animal and thus minimizes strain on the back, particularly when bathing large breeds or those not accustomed to the process. It represents a wise investment for professionals concerned about their health and that of their animal clients.

Technical information

The bathtub is made of polietileno, offering an ergonomic and contemporary design. It rests on a height-adjustable steel frame. The bottom of the bathtub is textured to prevent the animal from slipping. Additionally, it is equipped with an easy-access door, a shampoo holder and a crossbar with hooks for attaching pet leashes or collars. A removable shelf is also included for very small breeds, allowing the bottom of the tub to be raised as needed.

Additional Questions and Answers

1. What are the dimensions of the bathtub?

  • The exterior dimensions are approximately 148 x 79 cm (71 cm at the central constriction), with an interior space of 128 x 69 cm (61 cm at the central constriction). The depth of the basin is 49 cm and the width of the door is 49 cm.

2. What is the adjustable height range of the bathtub?

  • The height of the upper part of the bath is adjustable from 81 cm to 125 cm, and the height to the base of the door is adjustable from 44 cm to 88 cm.

3. What is the guarantee offered by Ibáñez?

  • The bathtub benefits from a one-year Ibáñez professional guarantee.

5 signs that may encourage you to use the Glenbath PVC Electric Bath

  1. Are you looking for a way to prevent fatigue and back pain during grooming sessions.
  2. You need a practical bathtub, adaptable to different heights for different breeds of animals.
  3. You want to invest in an ergonomic and contemporary product, offering comfort and safety for both groomers and animals.
  4. You have space constraints and are looking for a versatile installation solution.
  5. You are looking for a reliable warranty to ensure the quality and durability of your grooming equipment.

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