Elastic Cohesif Bandage 5cm Bitter Taste

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Bitter Flavor Elastic Bandage
Bitter tasting cohesive elastic bandage prevents dogs and cats from tearing compared to conventional bandages. It contains denatonium benzonate, a very bitter and repellent flavor. This substance is used to prevent the ingestion of cleaning products and antifreeze, as well as in nail polish to combat onychophagia. Denatonium benzonate is considered harmless to the skin (International Journal of Toxicology, vol.27, nºS1, 2008).

It is very convenient to have a roll of this tape handy with the accessories of our pet. Whenever we want to heal a small wound or change the bandage made by our vet, we can use it and it will be very useful.

This bandage adheres to itself, without sticking to the skin or hair.

It is very resistant and comfortable to put on.

It can be cut by hand, without the need for scissors.

Lilac color.

Each roll contains 4.5 m of tape

Choice of two widths: 5cm and 7.5cm