Double Dispenser: Food Water For Cats And Dogs

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The Perfect Solution When Food Dispensing Can Become A Real Problem During Absences Or When Time Is Short.
Double dispenser: food and water for dogs and cats.

Equip yourself with a continuous supply of water and food in the same container. The food is added to a clear plastic reservoir with a small sliding plastic cover on the bottom that allows the food to come out.

For the drink you can use any universal thread bottle (bottle not provided). Some water bottles have the widest thread and are not suitable, the most suitable are carbonated drinks.

This dispenser is ideal when you have to be out of the house all day or if you have more to eat. a pet . So you don't have to worry about running out of fresh food or water.

At the top of the container, a plastic cover makes it easy to fill.

Food dispensing capacity: 1.5 kg.

Made of plastic and available in 3 colors: pink, green and blue.

If you want a particular color, you can specify it when placing your order.