Crown Royale Soothing Oats & Aloe Grooming Spray 473ml

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Oats & Aloe Crown Royale Brightener
Oats & Aloe conditioner Brightener by Crown Royale coat spray for dogs and cats.

Used by many professional handlers around the world.

Formulated with oats and aloe vera.
. Oats calm and restore dry, damaged skin.
. Aloe Vera cares for the skin of dogs and cats with sensitive and irritated skin and restores damaged coats.

Spectacular shine Prevents tangles, repels dirt and leaves a light finish of the coat.

How it's used:
-After bathing and drying, apply the spray to the coat while brushing. The product dries in seconds during brushing.

To maintain and recover the shine and elasticity of the coat between bath and bath, before brushing, apply the spray directly to the coat dry.