Crown Royal Oats Aloe Conditioner 473ml

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Crown Royale Oat & Aloe Conditioner
Crown Royale Oat & Aloe Conditioner, highly hydrating for dog and cat coats.

Used by many professional handlers around the world.

Formulated with oats and aloe vera.
· Oats calm and restore dry and damaged skin.
· Aloe Vera cares for the skin of dogs and cats. sensitive and irritated skin and restores damaged coats.

How it's used:
- In the bathroom, after rinsing off the shampoo, apply liberally all over the coat. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

For a dramatic finish, after drying, use Crown Royale Oat & Aloe Highlighting Agent Spray.
< br> Very concentrated Dilute 1 part of conditioner in 20 of hot water. In breeds with fine hair, dilute 1 part conditioner in 40 parts water.