Crown Royale Formula 3 Shampoo 473ml

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Biovite Formula 3 Crown Royale Shampoo
Biovite Formula 3 Crown Royale Shampoo, low hydration, is ideal for dogs and cats whose coats require little hydration, like almost all terriers, schnaucers, wire-haired dachshunds and oily tail of cats ...

Ideal as a treatment to give volume to layers that are too soft due to excessive hydration.

In the skins of many aged specimens suffering from a problem of excess fat.

Vitamin formula with biotin, panthenol and allantoin. Recovers damaged skin and coat.

Nourishes and stimulates hair growth.

Intensifies color, gives luminosity and luminosity. Leave a clean, light and supple layer.

We recommend using Condition Plus or Bodifier before drying, especially in areas like legs and beard that need a little extra hydration.

For a spectacular finish, use Magic Touch Formula 3.

Highly concentrated Dilute in 10-15 parts of water.