Crown Royale Detangling Spray 473 Ml

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Crown Royale Loose Spray Ultimate Detangling
Large bulk product that makes it easy to open and untie knots.
Very effective for preparing the coat before bathing.
It can be used in dry or wet layers.

It prevents impregnation of dirt and urine in the hair between bath and bath.

Keep it clean coat longer by avoiding the formation of knots.

Directions for use:
spray directly on the coat with dry or damp hair and brush carefully.
In the case of a knotted cape, spray directly on the knot (s) and brush it with a cute card.
If the knot is very tight, massage with your fingers so that the knot opens slightly and spray again on the half-open knot. Finish the opening with a card.

It is sprayed directly or diluted in water.