Left Handed: "The Sentinel" Depilatory Knives

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"The Sentinel" depilatory knives for left-handers
Sentinel blades ", the latest revolution in leaf stripping.

Made with quality materials, they were designed by Rony De Munter , famous dog breeder and groomer.

For more information, see the right-handed version.

- W1 Fine (Ref. TG0803 and TG0804) Small teeth for trimming and areas with very short hair like the shoulders.

- W2 Medium (Ref. TG0808 and TG0809). Fine teeth for short to medium coats and for commercial work.

- W3 Coarse ( Ref. TG0812 and TG0813). Deep teeth for long areas like Westy's head, legs and heavy commercial work.

- W4 Double coarse (Ref. TG0816 and TG0817). Double tooth teeth for the most difficult coats with a lot of undercoat or very neglected coats.

- W5 Extra fine (Ref. TG0820 and TG0821) Micro-teeth for short areas like the ears s or cheeks. Especially for the most delicate skin.

Two types of handle on each blade model:
- Thick for large hands.
- Thin for small hands.
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