KENYA Depilatory Knives

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New generation depilatory knife

Stripping knife Kenya
The special Kenya Epilaton line is made up of four different types of knives for dogs.

The design the soft edges of the handle and the steel surrounding the index finger, as well as the warmth of the wood, give it maximum comfort for the hairdresser's hand.

- Ref. A30700 - Kenya 420: small. Extraordinary for the shortest hairs. With very fine and short teeth for precise and intense hair removal of hard-to-reach areas such as the eyebrows, face, ears ...

- Ref. A30705 - Kenya 430: Very fine teeth Ideal for waxing very short fur.
Also recommended for the soft hairs of spaniels, setters, etc., and for removing moulting from short haired breeds.

- Ref. A30710 - Kenya 424: Double saw. Perfect for starting to wax. Its extraordinary grip facilitates intense depilation of long layers.

- Ref. A30715 - Kenya 428: Deep teeth to extract the underlayer and advance the hair removal process in the layers.