Anti Hair Loss Collar - Protective padded fabric

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Owners of long-haired dogs unfortunately know the problem all too well: all collars, whether nylon, leather or metal, break the coat. Finally the miracle solution to keep the coat on your pet's neck intact!

Hair Proection Collar, Anti Breakage

ABBA by Pudelshop

The collar that saves your dog's hair, without ever damaging it


Thanks to this collar, your dog's hair is perfectly protected.
Because the smooth and soft surface of the collar allows for an optimal and fluid movement, without friction, it thus prevents pressure and breakage of the neck coat. The necklaces are easy to put on and take off, thanks to the chain system.

Many veterinarians recommend these collars postoperatively, or when the dog has chronic pain in the neck, sometimes only due to the felting of the coat.
The principle operation is similar to that of a choke with the stopper, but without ever being aggressive or injurious to the dog, because the wadding of the mattress provides a protective pad for the animal window.

Handcrafted, and patented for their conception and design, these high quality necklaces are in quilted velvet and reinforced with wadding fibers.

Several colors and sizes possible.

What we liked:

☑ Resistance
☑ Efficiency
☑ Lightness
☑ Design and colors

Choosing the right size

In order to reliably choose the size that corresponds to your animal, you must absolutely measure its neck circumference ( or at least measure his current collar which is set to his size), at the exact place where you position the collar, but also make sure that this diameter allows the collar to be threaded through the head (no system of 'opening-closing by clip, the collar is slipped on by passing the head in. Vigilance with the morphologies with the large skull).

The examples of breeds are not presented as an indication, I NEVER rely solely on this indication, because the morphologies are very variable within a race.

Neck circumference (perimeter) Supplier reference Examples of breeds
30 cm [130] Toy poodle, Yorkshire
35 cm [135] Miniature Poodle, Bichons
40 cm [140] Shih Tzu, Westie
45 cm [145] Medium Poodle, Cockers
50 cm [150] Setter
55 cm [155] Large Poodle
60 cm [160] Afghan, Collie
65 cm [165] Bobtail

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