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straight scissors:

Grooming Scissors Proo range, different sizes, straight, specific micro teeth for perfect finishes. Maximum user comfort and exceptional durability and fatigue reduction.

Professional Straight Scissors Special One

(size 7 "to 9" = 17.5 to 22cm)

Pro Line for Groomers

(dog and cat grooming)

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Professional scissors, light and ultra manoeuvrable , designed specifically to reduce fatigue and avoid the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, so common in groomers.

Specific optimization: the ergonomics of the chisel is designed for easier handling, increased cutting precision as well as maximum reduction in fatigue.

One of the two blades is fitted with a micro-toothing allowing a perfect hold in place during scissoring. The scissors with micro teeth thus make it possible to cut more clearly and reduce the "sliding" movement during the cut (C choose a micro toothing of 0.25 for perfect pile finishes thin, and 0.50 for cutting thicker, more keratinous coats).

Slender and light blade, fine tip for more precision. The models are equipped with a silencer and a tightening screw allowing an ultra fine adjustment of the movement of the blades.

All our scissors Special One are handcrafted , using techniques combining modernity and traditional know-how.

Technical characteristics:

• Metal used: For the Damasco pair: VG10 ... the most noble and dear. For the other pairs: Japanese Hitachi 440C steel : with 17% chromium and 1% carbon, this technical metal guarantees very high blade quality. It almost never requires sharpening, resistant to oxidation and chemical agents, this metal with specific treatment is a magnificent compromise between hardness (HRC 57-61), cut quality, and resistance over time.

• Blade: Microgrid cut, ground 0.50 / 0.25, concave grinding of the blade, razor line

• Sizes available: from 7 "(17.7cm) to 8.5 "(21.5cm)

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