Grooming scissors for grooming dogs and cats

Some criteria for choosing your grooming scissors

The quality of the scissors for efficient grooming (entry, medium or high-end?):

On we only offer medium, high, or very high-end scissors, because we know that it is an essential investment for the future, for your daily comfort, and that grooming can only happen with the quality of the tools you buy.

So, yes, you won't find a $ 20 scissors here, but it's for your own good!

The hardness of the blades (HRC)

Hardness over 53 HRC is considered good. Hardness above 57 HRC is considered very good. At Special One for example, the smallest measurement of hardness is at 59 ... that's to say!

Adjustment screw or not?

The adjustment screw is important to adjust the scissors according to your strength in your hands. The screw adjusts the tension between the blades and guarantees more flexibility in use.

At Special One, the adjustment screw is systematically present to meet all types of body types and practices.