Folding Metal Dog Carrier

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Several sizes available for this cage: no need to compromise the safety of your dog when traveling and traveling, Petdesign offers many metal transport cages .

Foldable metal cage

L 'essential accessory for dog owners

Available formats

Our metal dog carriers are available in 5 different sizes. Here they are with, as an indication, the breeds corresponding to these sizes:

T1 - 60x46x51cm .............. toy poodle, Japanese spaniel, continental dwarf spaniel

T2 - 76x53x57cm .............. cavalier King Charles, west highland white terrier, beagle, french bulldog

T3 - 91x61x67cm .............. border Collie, dalmatian, Bull Terrier

T4 - 106x71x76cm .............. airedale, labrador, boxer, setter, pointer, doberman, rottweiler, german shepherd

< br> This cage is easy and quick to assemble. Two removable handles make it easy to transport. On the front and sides, a large door allows easy entry and exit.

Its sturdy plastic base can be removed for cleaning.

Gradually get your dog used to the crate. Never use the cage to punish or sanction him, as it must be kept a place where he feels safe and comfortable.