Beef / Chicken (with bone and offal)

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Beef / Chicken (with bones and offal)

10 x 1kg

50% Beef: 20% meaty beef bone, 15% heart, 15% belly, 50% Chicken: 45% back, 5% liver

Humidity 67% Ash 3
Protein 16% Calcium 0.81%
Fat 15% Phosphorus 0.42%
Cellulose 0.32% Energy 198 kcal/100g

Since 01 / 10 /2022 the delivery of raw meat in small format is no longer possible.

From now on, prices will be lower, but the minimum order will be a pallet of +300Kg, respecting the following rules:

For Alaska, KB Raw and Kb Complete: minimum of 50Kg per product reference (held in stock in warehouses)

For Paleo and N.O.R.T.H. : minimum of 500Kg per product reference (not kept in stock, production will be launched with each order)

The shipping costs will be communicated to you and invoiced in real terms, but you should already know that an entire pallet costs around 330 euros excluding VAT to deliver frozen.

You can order on this model whether you are a reseller, a breeder, or a group of individuals who wish to place a group order.

Delivery will take place within 1 to 3 weeks depending on the product mix chosen.