Hydraulic table 110cm

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Hydraulic Table 110cm


The 110cm Hydraulic Table is a professional quality solution designed especially for dog grooming salons. Its solid and robust construction ensures foolproof durability, meeting the rigorous requirements of the industry.


This table offers great convenience thanks to its cordless hydraulic system, eliminating the hassle of cumbersome cables. The height of the table is easily adjustable using a foot pedal, offering an adjustment range of 55 to 97 cm to suit your specific needs.

Technical information

The 110cm Hydraulic Table has a spacious 110 x 60 cm top, equipped with a durable and resistant rubber mat to ensure the comfort and safety of the animals. It also comes with a puente horca and two horca lazos to facilitate the restraint of animals during grooming sessions.

Available in two attractive colors, blue and black, this hydraulic table is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, fitting perfectly into any professional grooming salon.

Ibáñez professional one-year warranty, giving you additional peace of mind regarding the quality and reliability of your investment.

Additional Questions and Answers

Q: What is the maximum load capacity of this hydraulic table?
A: The 110cm Hydraulic Table is capable of supporting up to [insert maximum load capacity] kg, this which makes it a sturdy and reliable option for pets of various sizes.

Q: Does this table require complex assembly?
A: No, this hydraulic table comes ready to use, requiring minimal assembly for quick commissioning and easy.

Q: Can additional accessories be added to this table?
A: Yes, the 110cm Hydraulic Table is compatible with a range of optional accessories, such as additional support arms or tray extensions, to meet your specific grooming needs.

Q: Does the warranty cover wearing parts?
A: The Ibáñez professional warranty covers manufacturing defects and material quality issues. Wearing parts are generally excluded from warranty, but it is recommended to consult the specific warranty terms and conditions for further details.

5 signs that can encourage you to use the 110cm Hydraulic Table

  1. Are you looking for a professional grooming solution that offers both strength and durability.
  2. You want to simplify your workspace by eliminating cumbersome cables with a wireless hydraulic system.
  3. You need a professional table that is easy to use and maintain, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your four-legged customers. 4. You're looking for a versatile table that can adjust to different heights to accommodate various grooming tasks.
  4. You value reliability and quality, backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty, providing added peace of mind.

Precautions for Use

The use of this table is exclusive for dogs and cats. It is crucial to keep the table away from any source of heat or fire. Also avoid direct exposure to sunlight or high temperatures, as this may damage the tray. For the safety of children, do not allow children to use or play with the table without supervision. It is imperative not to use the table outside. Additionally, it is important to note that disassembly of the gas strut is dangerous and should only be carried out by qualified personnel.


After each use, it is essential to clean and dry the table thoroughly. Use a sponge to remove remaining dirt. Avoid the use of harsh, abrasive products or bleach, as they may damage the paint on the table base. In addition, it is recommended not to rub the base with abrasive products. Regular maintenance will ensure the durability and longevity of your grooming table.

Miscellaneous Information

This grooming table is covered by a one-year professional warranty. The warranty period begins upon delivery of the product and requires presentation of the purchase invoice. During the warranty period, parts with manufacturing defects will be repaired or replaced. However, please note that the warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, neglect, abuse or lack of reasonable care. Transportation or shipping costs are not covered by the warranty.