BEAUTY RINSE, pH rebalancing

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Hydrogen potential rebalancing lotion: cleanse the skin, force the scales to close, prevent the return of knots, air the hair.

Who is this product for?

Everyone will find it of real interest!
☑️ Groomers ☑️ Breeders ☑️ Individuals ☑️ Competitors ☑️ Handlers
BEAUTY RINSE is an innovative solution that rebalances the hydration, protection and pH of the hair after shampooing.

What benefits can I expect?

✅ Skin cleansing
✅ Regulation of bacterial flora
✅ Shine and volume action
✅ Hair cuticle closure
✅ Anti Knot Return Action

Composition: focus on naturalness!

The BEAUTY RINSE, created from ancestral recipes, combines naturally acidic agents which, in very low doses, will rebalance the external pH of your pet.

You will appreciate its natural composition:
🍀 Distilled water of helichrysum (healing properties, anti-inflammatory)
🍀 Yarrow water (soothe and calm skin irritations)
🍀 Apple extract and apple cider vinegar (to hydrate and regulate the skin's PH)

Examples and suggested uses

To be diluted with 15/20 ml of Beauty Rinse for 1 liter of hot water.

Leave on for a few minutes to allow the product to work, then dry.

As part of a specific "anti-knot / anti-felting" programme, this lotion is ideal. We will then mix, at the end of the bath, 20mL of Beauty Rinse with our usual Hydrating Cream mask and Mix Pink. ✨

Does not nourish the coat, be careful not to dry out your fur
The objective remains to force the hair cuticles to close on problem fur or having problems with knots returning too quickly. Should not be included in a hair growth routine on a "normal" dog.

Recommended Combinations

Entire Special One Line is Compatible with Beauty Rinse

However, our favorite wedding rings go to:

▶︎ Perfectly completes the Skin Problems program (Bio Energy + Skincare)

▶︎ Also ideal at the end of a bath for a search for very "airy" volume, in addition to classic masks.

▶︎ Complements Hydrating Cream and Mix Pink to prevent the return of knots or felting.

Our commitments

+90% biodegradable cosmetics

Paraben-free, Silicone-free

Not tested on animals.

Recyclable packaging HDPE02

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