Dog Bar 2 Bowls, Height Adjustable Support

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This Is A Bowl Rack That Allows Dogs To Feed More Comfortably, At The Perfect Height For Each Animal.
Also known as a dog bar, the bowl height bed rack is simply an accessory which allows the dog's bowl (s) to be slightly raised.

When eating or drinking at a certain height from the ground, the dog accumulates less gas: it has been observed that the stomach is filled with air when the dog eats on the ground.

Place the bowls at neck height.

Stainless steel bowls included.

Two sizes available.

Small Model:
Capacity of each bowl: 1.5 L
Diameter of the support: 19 cm
Maximum height: 37 cm

Large model:
Capacity of each bowl: 2.2 L
Diameter of the support: 23.5 cm
Maximum height: 45 cm