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Complete Exhibitor Complement Artero
Exhibitor Free with Purchase of Artero
Complements detailed below.
P454 Artero Super Coat 12 sheets. 3 units.
P755 Artero Slicker small. 3 units.
P756 Artero Big Slicker. 3 units.
P758 Artero double flexible slicker. 3 initiates.
P463 Protected Pug Artero Slicker. 3 units.
P767 Artero brush mix. 3 units.
P254 Artero long brush metal tip. 3 units.
P263 Artero brush card. 3 units.
P222 Artero long metal comb. 3 units.
P244 Artero metal bar comb 15 cm. 3 units.
P224 Artero large rake. 3 units.
P217 Artero cuts the side knots. 3 units.
P247 Artero cuts special knots. 3 units.
P210 Artero Mitten black terrier. 3 units.
P389 Artero blue mitten. 3 units.
P211 Red Artero mitten. 3 units.
P226 Artero cuts large nails. 3 units.
Y227 Artero cut small nails. 3 units.
P451 Artero cuts cat nails. 3 units.
H228 Various artero lazitos. 3 units.

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Artero is a Spanish company with over 100 years of experience in the world of professional dog grooming.