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Shampoo p rofess ionnel Special One dedicated to furs in high need of to be fed. The most intense hydration and nutrition possible, with integrated conditioning.

AQUAROSA PRO is a professional shampoo t very concentrated , specially designed to wash but above all to nourish and revitalize the coats as much as possible.

This ultra-concentrated shampoo, rich in vitamins and moisturizing active ingredients, will catch up with the most dehydrated. Its action is also particularly intense on dry and sensitive skin.

The natural vitamins and amino acids contained in Aquarosa Pro give it a particularly gentle action and a source of shine.

Wild Rose / Eglantine and Mallow extracts act immediately as an anti-inflammatory and hydrating active. Flavonoids and vitamins C stimulate collagen synthesis and thus fight against cellular aging.

The addition of algae such as Chlorella allows both the release of amino acids in highly available form, but also the instantaneous action of β-carotenes and vitamin B12 which hydrate while detoxifying (neutralization of environmental toxins and heavy metals). Sea water, when it comes to it, is highly purifying, in particular thanks to the contribution of minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

Even with very frequent use, products remain soft and respectful of the skin and the hair.

Apply directly after the Bio Energy Plus mask, without intermediate rinsing.

For a gentle bath, dilution up to 1/20.

For increased efficiency, concentrate even more and combine with oily-based integrating products (Hygro Fluid or Oils 4 elements preferably)
Leave on for a few moments, and massage if possible.
Two shampoos recommended.

Finalize the bath using a conditioner or a mask.

Bio Energy + one (or more) integrators: Hygro Fluid / Huiles 4 elements

Hydrating Cream and / or Extra Body Cream as a final mask

< p> Mix Pink in conditioner