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Dual-Purpose Metal Combs for Dogs and Cats

  1. Advantage: Ibáñez metal combs offer dual professional functionality for the care of dogs and cats. Their versatile design includes two types of tooth openings suitable for all types of long or medium-length coats. These combs are ideal for gently detangling tangles and preparing the coat before cutting, providing a precise and even cut.

  2. Use: The combs are specially designed to gently open knots and effectively position the hair before cutting. Their ergonomic shape and fine teeth allow comfortable and efficient use, ensuring professional grooming every time. In addition, the rounded tips of the teeth provide maximum protection for the animal's skin.

  3. Technical Information:

    • What coat types are suitable for these combs?
      • The combs are suitable for all types of long or medium-length coats.
    • How are the combs presented?
      • The combs are presented in an attractive blister pack.
    • What dimensions are available?
      • The combs are available in three sizes: 13 cm, 15 cm and 19 cm.
    • What are the characteristics of the combs in terms of dimensions and structure?
      • Combs vary in length from 13 cm to 19 cm and feature specific dimensions of open and closed ends. They are available with a flat or round handle to suit individual preferences.

With their exceptional quality and careful finish, Ibáñez metal combs are an essential choice for pet owners concerned about the health and appearance of their four-legged companions