Auto Dog Brush Small

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The AUTO DOG BRUSH PETITE® is the ideal tool to save time and fatigue when brushing.

Ideal for animals that require heavy brushing work.

For furs from 3 to 10 centimeters in length.

The ADB Petite is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, cats and rabbits.

It "opens knots without pulling" without damaging hair and skin. It is enough to guide it so that it brushes itself, and when it meets the knot, it unties it.

In breeds which do not shed a lot of hair or which are not in period of molt, the brush is not connected to the vacuum cleaner, so the hose is not needed. In this case, the bristles collect on the nub tape, which is easily cleaned after the brushing session is finished.

Another function of the brush is to "remove dead hairs". In breeds which shed a large amount of hair during the moulting period, the brush, brushing carefully, removes all the dead hair and deposits it in the vacuum cleaner. In these cases, it is necessary to purchase the model with hose (DP0003), which is designed to connect the brush to any vacuum cleaner and the bristles go directly into the tank or bag of the latter. This avoids dirtying the house or the hairdressing salon with bristles and interrupting the brushing session to remove the dead hairs accumulated on the brush.

DP0003: Auto Dog Brush Petite (hose included)
DP0004: Auto Petite dog brush without hose.

Brush with resistant barbed tape (blue).
Hose (DP0003 model only).
Cable to connect it to the mains (12V).
Supplied in a practical case.


With wire:
- 1 speed: 34 rpm.
- Cable length: 1.72 m.
- Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 7 cm.
- Weight: 507 g.

Made in Europe.