Japanese depilatory knife

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Japanese depilatory knives - Miki style

Excellent quality steel.

Ergonomic, non-slip handle to reduce hand fatigue.

The variety of models allows you to choose the blade that best suits the characteristics of the coat of your dog.

Stripping knives are used on dogs with coarse coats, such as many terriers, and improve their appearance to achieve the "look" of their breed.

Make sure your dog's coat can be hand-plucked (that is, it has not been trimmed before, which can soften and / or thicken the coat) - by If in doubt, seek the advice of a qualified groomer.

For best results, remove hair before bathing, unless you are using Special One's Keratine pro shampoo. Only this shampoo will allow you a correct post-bath hair removal.

Using a grooming chalk block on the area to be waxed can also help you get a better grip.

Follow our 6 easy steps for hair removal:
Before using a waxing knife, make sure your pet is comfortable and used to being groomed.

Remove any knots or mats by grooming the coat first.
Begin by holding the epilating knife with the smooth side of the blade towards you.
Place your hand on the dog, near the area to be waxed, and keep the skin taut as you epilate - this will make the procedure more pleasant for your pet.
Following the direction of the dog's coat, use the epilating knife to trap the hairs between the teeth. Hold the hair in place with your thumb and gently pull in the direction of the hair to remove it. Use a pulling motion with the arm and shoulder, not the wrist.
Flexing your wrist will cut the hair instead of pulling it with the knife. Compare the hairs removed by finger waxing and knife hair removal. If you epilate, the hair is uneven in length. If you cut the hair will be of equal length which is undesirable as it can damage your dog's coat.
Remember to work a small area at a time until all of the outer coat has been cut. been removed and a rolled coat obtained. Note: if you shave your dog by hand regularly (every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the breed), you will get what is called a "rolling coat", that is to say that the hairs interlock inside each other and the coat becomes flatter and more homogeneous. Irregular waxing (say once every 6 months) will make the hair "pop", making it longer and open (irregular in appearance).

If you have any doubts about the procedure, seek advice or assistance from a qualified dog groomer or show dog breeder.