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Aesculap head universally compatible with professional Cortapelo machines of the universal system heads like FAV5, Wahl, Andis, Moser, Oster, Moser, Thrive, etc. Very IMPORTANT: · Apply before, during and after working with a "cooling spray" head. Keep them warm. Overheating of steel usually causes it to tarnish prematurely. · The head should always work adjusted, lubricated and cold. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT CHEFS The cutting height of a head is the distance between the bottom of the comb head and the blade of the cabezal.La height of the cutting a head and the finish we see it depends of: · the cutting height of the head. · The design of the head: it is different between different brands. Within the same brand, 3 mm. Two different models are available. · The type of hair and the density on which it is cut. · The way we position the machine when cortar.Artículos from the blog interesting hairdressing Ibanez canine Setterbakio: Cutting height · Heads · Suitable use heads