elevage of blue eden

Congratulations! You have just welcomed into your family a puppy from the breeding of Blue Eden

You will find here a collection of articles selected by your breeder, Carole Froidure, in the following fields:

* Premium food : Maxima puppy and adult kibble

* Special One natural cosmetics : from the simplest program for your puppy (Bain Pro shampoo + Hydrating Cream) to the most technical baths in order to prepare the coat for exhibitions (Aquarosa Pro, Super Keeper, Hydrating Cream and Mix Pink)

* Grooming accessories : comb and brush

When creating your customer account on PetDesign,

announce "Carole Froidure" as Godmother in order to obtain

even more advantages! Sponsor code: 0745712

The Carole Froidure, from the breeding of Blue Eden advises you for your puppies collection is empty

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