The best new generation Barf Dog without deficiency

by Petdesign: PALEO

"Biologically Appropriate Raw Food"


"Biologically appropriate raw food"

The most natural barf dog food available! Feed it like in nature


Your dog is a carnivore by nature, the dog BARF is made up of more than 90% of raw meat (beef and chicken here), it responds ideally to their original diet, without cooking. .

The dog barf was developed with the scientific and technical support of veterinarians.
They've sought to meet the true needs of our pets by concocting the best Barf recipes. Being carnivores and their stomachs specially adapted to raw meat, this ingredient is the almost unique component of the Barf breads that we offer you.

Barf dog food by definition, avoids the risks of industrial feed.
Food additives contained in industrial feed, their cooking and the low protein content of some brands are often the cause of diseases or symptoms such as allergies, obesity, osteoarthritis, skin inflammation, etc. BARF will act as an immunizer for your companion to these problems. In addition, the low cereal content of BARF helps prevent stomach upsets.

No alteration of vital components when you feed our raw foods!
The main disadvantage of cooking to make croquettes is that it strongly affects the vitamins, enzymes and amino acids naturally present in the ingredients. The BARF being raw, you preserve all the benefits of the raw materials. In addition, the presence of enzymes in BARF for dogs improves digestion: the pancreas is less strained than when consuming cooked / dry food, which greatly reduces the risk of pancreatic insufficiency. (found in too many dogs that have consumed industrial feed over the long term).

How much Barf for my animal?

The daily ration of a dog, cat or ferret will be in the order of 2% of its body weight.

For example: 5kg body weight = 100g BARF per day / 10kg body weight = 200g BARF per day / 20kg body weight = 400g BARF per day / etc. Activity level is also an important factor: an active dog will eat a little more than a completely sedentary dog.

We recommend that you feed your pet 2 times a day with similar amounts of BARF dog food at each meal. This will allow better assimilation of the food while optimizing satiety. The food is super appetizing for the carnivore that is your dog / cat / ferret.