Hearing Protection Helmet

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We offer noise-cancelling headphones specially designed for professionals working in dog grooming salons. If the daily noise level in your workplace exceeds 85 dB(A), it is recommended to wear hearing protection. Our helmets offer optimal comfort thanks to their “Comfort Fit” adjustment system and their “Soft Pad” pads. You will be able to wear them for longer and benefit from better sound insulation.

We offer two models of helmets: the PASS-14 helmet for passive protection and the EVO-14 helmet for electronic protection.

The EVO-14 headset features an exclusive electronic mechanism that protects your ears from harmful noise while allowing you to hear conversations and ambient sounds. It is equipped with full automatic microphone control that adjusts the sound pressure inside the earmuffs to protect you from loud noises. In the event of a sound pulse greater than 85 dB, the headset cuts off instantly to protect your ears.

The on/off/volume adjustment wheel is very practical, even with gloves. The headset runs on two 1.5 V AAA batteries (not included). The headsets are foldable and take up very little space.