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New training collar that perfectly imitates the perro.Los dental training collars Neck-Tech Sport Sprenger with "fang links" allow us to exert a natural influence on the dog, as they cause an understandable communication collars allow l education él.Estos gentle harmony and trust between the owner and his dog. Very comfortable and practical to use for all races, short hair and largo.Los Neck-Tech Sport collars are made of stainless steel, which has great advantages over ordinary steel, especially in coastal areas or areas with high humidity where oxidized steel or even place in the shop before being sold. INOX Sprenger steel products come with a triangular plate with a red dot. In addition all the chains come closer grabadas.El Cliclock Sprenger allows us to apply and remove the collar on the dog without going through the head and blocking the closure and that can not be accidentally opened until we release the chains seguro .Las Sprenger made in Germany take advantage of the most world famous for its high quality and maximum resistencia.Los Sprenger NECK-TECH SPORT necklaces in stainless steel CLICLOCK are available in two colors, the classic natural steel color and new very elegant matte black color , .Mid the neck of your dog and yourself to determine the most suitable size. It is recommended to get a precise fit to the dog's neck for best results. Why are loose, easy ties to attach to the collar.Conviene make good use of these collars or may not have achieved the desired goals and cause undue inconvenience to our available dog. We recommend that you read the article on our blog “Using the pinch collar as a reward or negative reinforcement. »Click here to access it.