DE-MATT powerful detangling spray (broken price) Ibañez

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DE-MATT detangling spray

Ibanez Cosmetics De-Matt Hair Conditioner Spray loosens even the tightest knots in dog and cat hair immediately, without the need to cut.

It avoids tugging the hair during daily brushing, so it is softer and protects the skin and broken hair.

- Excellent dry conditioner to apply between baths. Do not grease. Protects hair from external aggressions.
- Its subtle floral scent makes brushing a pleasure.
- Indispensable in dog grooming salons and in any home where long-haired cats and dogs live.

Directions for use:
- Large knots. Spray liberally on the knot. Massage. Open the knot with your fingers and a suitable brush, carder or comb.
- Between baths and before bathing. Spray a mist 30 cm from the coat and brush.

Spray without aerosol which does not disturb the sensitive nose of the dog or the cat, nor does it harm the environment. Extra fine spray.

The one liter container is supplied without a sprayer. More economical. Professional size for filling the small bottle.