BLOSSOM PET Drinkers 2.8 L

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Ibáñez fountain "Blossom" medium dog and cat. It provides them with fresh, filtered water 24 hours a day. Recommended by veterinarios.Este increases the freshness of the water to sprue the added oxygen, and encouraged to drink more.In the particular case of cats good hydration is particularly important to avoid developing problems in the urinary tract (are prone to cause of their small urethra). It has a special filter that helps reduce the growth of bacteria and the collection of saliva in the water. unpleasant odors and tastes are eliminated in the water and the hydration of either of the two animal.Use nozzles including obtaining water flow is facilitated in different ways. Easy to clean replaceable carbon and mantener.Filtro (includes filter). Available packaging 6 recambio.Periodicidad filter change or cleaning (by the manufacturer): · Filter change every 2 to 4 weeks of use · Cleaning at least every two weeks.Capacidad 2.8 l .. of water . *** The source should not operate without water covered to avoid engine damage or breakage.