ALIS Jika dryer

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Dryer with ionic technology to combat static electricity.

Dryer with ionic technology to combat static electricity.

It is equipped with a general on-off button, LED control lights, a speed and air flow control button, a Graduated temperature dimmer button to switch from lukewarm to hot air gradually or instantaneously.

The dimmer buttons also allow operation and control with a single click. momentary shutdown of the device.

Double filter for maximum engine protection.

- Telescopic foot
- 360 ° rotating nozzle
- Removable anti-hair wheels for easy cleaning
- 2 self-locking wheels
- Charcoal-free DC motor
- Power: 1800 W
- Maximum temperature = temperature ambient + 60 ° C
- Air flow: 124 liters per second
- Sound level: 60 dB
- Weight: 12 kg.

Floor-standing version:

- Height adjustable from 0.83 m to 1.25 m

Wall version:

Fixing on a load-bearing wall or a brick partition.