Pure Paws H2oconditioner 1.9l H2o Line

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Pure Paws H2O Conditioner
Ideal for the maintenance of dogs and cats with dry or prone to dry coats.

H2O products have been designed to hydrate and repair dry skin and coatings in dogs.
This extreme hydration line is perfect for recovering and reviving damaged coats. Recover the maneuverability of mantos.

The H20 conditioner has it all!
After use, dry and lifeless blankets will become incredibly hydrated and manageable.
Natural fatty acids and oils nourish the skin and hair, leaving it light and soft to the touch.

Moisturizing formula:
• Passionflower extract: nourishes the skin skin and mantle fatty acids.
• Soybean oil: vitamin E promotes growth and strengthens hair.
• Bisabolol: anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, anti-bacterial.
• Aloe Vera: heals and repairs the skin. Add a natural glow

Optimize your results:
• Dilute 1 part of the conditioner in 8 to 10 parts of lukewarm water.
• Apply and massage the skin. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.
• Use with shampoo from the same line and with other suitable products from the Pure Paws lines.