Scientific Psychology Applied To Basic Obedience Training For Dogs

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Scientific Psychology Applied To Basic Dog Obedience Training

Basic" "Basic Training" "Manual for Owners and Trainers. That's a lot more than a book of dog training "" techniques ".
This is a clear, simple, and precise statement that will help you understand not only how you should train, but also why you are doing it.

In the first chapters you will find something unusual, an extremely practical description of the basics of basic training.
In the final chapters of the book you will find concrete training methods and effective, as well as the "" technique "" you need.

Miguel Díaz is a practical man, who overcomes the behavioral periphery of the dog, knows his intelligence, his emotions and his clinical disorders. gives us in this work his wisdom and practical sense.

Since 1978 Miguel Díaz has been working as a trainer professional neur in:
· Special training for people with disabilities (wheelchairs), blind, deaf, dogs for security companies, home training, etc.
· Multiple collaborations and working relationships with other trainers, different training schools of state security forces, ONCE, Mundocan, etc.
· Volunteer and manager in civil protection units, rescue and canine recovery. Disaster intervention ("Las Nieves" campsite in Biescas, earthquake in Turkey, etc.).
· Teacher of trainers and courses in different schools. Civil protection, national police, etc.
· Director of the facilities of the "Camale Training Center" in Torrejón de Velasco (Madrid).

He has also made and carries out continuous training throughout these years:
- Assisted therapy for the mentally handicapped within the framework of the Getafe CAMP.
- Master in psychology for the diagnosis and the clinical and educational canine intervention, department of clinical psychology of Iba
- Specific course on the treatment of aggression.
- Etc ... "